Ever been jealous? If so … I’m going to make you …

MORE JEALOUS!! Don’t you just want to get your hands on that?...

07th Mar

What do you think of on Leap Day?

I think of Frogs. Is that normal? Since I can only say...

29th Feb
Frog eyes by noodlemaps from Flickr

Have you found a solution to the subconscious-almost-asleep brain? #TiWiWf

So if today is normally the last day of the month, does...

28th Feb
Cartoon from The Oatmeal.com

Do you have 1st world issues or 3rd world issues? #TiWiWf

On Sunday, at church, at the awesome, Hope Community Church, Pastor Mike...

24th Feb

So what is the equivalent of having one ovary anyway? #TiWiWf

Is it one testicle for a man? One kidney for anyone? One...

10th Feb
Mrs Logic on Flickr

What do Aimee Laine and Jocelyn Adams think of the COLD? #Giveaway

A recent exchange between my good friend Jocelyn Adams and I on...

08th Feb
Touch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams

What’s better than books AND chocolate? #Giveaway

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer”...

07th Feb
Follower Love Giveaway Hop

Would you agree that without rules, there is chaos? #Rant

[I am a conservative, Independent and proud of it!] The way I...

03rd Feb

Imagine you wake to an ice castle bedroom. What does it feel like? #TiWiWf

My Ice Castle I woke up one morning and my room was...

11th Jan

How sneaky have you had to be at Christmas? #TiWiWf

Christmas … 007 style. Or, perhaps, in our case, G-Force style. Right...

06th Jan

Happy New Year!

Here’s to an awesome, wonderful, amazing, fabulous 2012!

01st Jan
Happy New Year

How did your 2011 turn out?

2012 is less than a week away … six days in fact....

26th Dec

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we wish you a very, Merry Christmas.

25th Dec

Why does the bad guy always ruin the pivotal moment? #sixsunday

The following blip is from Hide & Seek which releases in March...

18th Dec
Why does the bad guy always ruin the pivotal moment? #sixsunday

Do you remember your first kiss? #TiWiWF

I remember mine. The night was cold, but my body heat, the...

16th Dec