Have you found a solution to the subconscious-almost-asleep brain? #TiWiWf

On February 28, 2012 by Aimee
Cartoon from The Oatmeal.com

Cartoon from The Oatmeal.com

So if today is normally the last day of the month, does that mean tomorrow is some figment of my imagination? I mean, I supposedly only encounter tomorrow one time every four years. Four! Four, people! If your birthday is tomorrow, you only get to celebrate the actual day once every four years.

It’s like the cartoon above. You have this great idea … let’s make a leap day. It sticks in your head. Then you get sleepy and you fall asleep and you can’t remember worth a darn what that great idea was.

Oh, yeah, it was to sleep until 8 am.

No … wait.

It was to take an extra vacation.

No … maybe eat lunch?

Write a romance novel?

Watch V?

What was that idea again?

Add an extra day to the shortest month of the year?

Oh yeah! That!

I realize that’s not the point of the Leap Year Day, but that it’s to ‘right’ our clocks and keep our calendars on track. It just seems like this really weird idea. Or like an idea that came to someone in the middle of the night but they couldn’t quite remember what that great idea was.

I have this problem all the time.

In fact, I had this problem last week. Laying down in my bed, my head had just hit the pillow and I had this grand idea for a tag line of information about myself.


Once, I laid down with an ENTIRE short bio written out for my alter-ego. I mean all the words just poured into my head, into my consciousness … and as I stared at the clock and went, “If I don’t try to sleep right now, I’m never going to get up in the morning,” it all went …


You guessed it. Idea in. Idea out.

It’s a wonder I get anything done when all my best ideas seem to come right at that critical moment when I’m about to fall asleep.

Maybe that’s not the case though.

Perhaps I’m looking at this all wrong.

Maybe … just maybe … those ideas actually suck and by falling asleep, I’ve just kept myself from wasting countless minutes, hours, days or perhaps even years(!) by not being able to follow through on it.

Maybe … by coming up with the greatest-idea-since-sliced-bread while about to fall asleep, it saved me from making the biggest mistake ever. Maybe by falling asleep, I didn’t tell you about that idea I can no longer remember because it wasn’t great and now I’m saved!

It was a disaster in the making. Yup. Yup. That has to be it. My brain new it before the rest of me did.

Man, I’m good. I’m even able to self-correct myself before I made a fool of myself.

Or I could be wrong.

Who really knows?

Because, apparently, I can’t remember what my ideas were anyway. 😉

How about you? Have you found a solution to the subconscious-almost-asleep brain? If so … share in the comments!

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