Imagine you wake to an ice castle bedroom. What does it feel like? #TiWiWf

On January 11, 2012 by Aimee

My Ice Castle

I woke up one morning and my room was ice. You couldn’t miss the shining chandelier and the ice clothes. I stared at the golden ice bed. My eyes widened when I saw the sparkly, clean ice dresser. I smiled at the glowing closet door and the room door. I gently rubbed my hand across the window. It was freezing! Finally, the ice cleared up and now it’s my plain room again.


My Ice Room

When I woke up, I gasped at the ice stilts and chilly, snowy blanket. In my sight, I saw the closet with an ice handle and the snowman shaped door. The walls were amazing — blue with little tiny snowmen. Oh! My! Snowy openers and white all over! Soon it was time for bed again. I whispered to myself, “I love my room!”


Those were the two stories my girls wrote when given the prompt:

You wake up one cold morning and find that your bedroom has become an ice castle.  Describe what you see and feel.

As my daughters worked their homework magic, each openly discussing the prompt and asking me what it would look like, I asked them to describe it. Cold. Chilly. Shining. They had multiple adjectives and chose nouns which reflected exactly what I’d see too.

All from second graders. From 7 year olds.

I say that get it from me.

They might or might not.

They’ve always been creative and these stories are just one of the man creative things they’d written. I’m always amazed at what they come up with. I love to help them with their writing (obviously) and love how their imagination blooms with these little prompts.

I can only hope I’ll get to read tons more of them through the years.

And maybe one day … they’ll have books like me.


Do you have a creative kid? How do they show off their imagination? Share in the comments!

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