Commercial Photography | Harmony Pilates, Apex NC

I was given the great privilege of working with the staff of...

03rd Sep

Go Pack! The red & white of NC State in family photos!

My alma mater (2x!). 🙂 What a fun session we had. The...

27th Aug

Wakefield Sr … leavin' the nest in 2010!

I remember being a Sr. It’s been sooooooooo long ago, though. 😉...

21st Aug

3×1 and 1×2 = ? These three cuties!!

Did my little math equation confuse ya? Maybe a word problem would...

18th Aug

When all else fails … pull out the crayons.

That should be my new motto as I think these crayons have...

06th Aug

Trio at the JC Raulston Arboretum — a true summer day in NC!

We were met with blue skies, warmth and heavy humidity. It didn’t...

31st Jul

If *I* lived in Cary …

I’d vote for her! She’s running for Cary Town Council! 🙂 Ok,...

25th Jul

They've got a baby on the way! Can you tell?

🙂 Yeah, ok, so that was pretty obvious. But what you don’t...

23rd Jul

Photographic inspiration from Mirage … Jenny & Mark … enjoy!

Below is the story of the photo at the bottom of this...

21st Jul

Metallic Print Upgrades Free THIS week only!

Better hurry! This special lasts this week only … July 21 –...

20th Jul

Sparkling eyes on his first birthday!

Tell a one year old to “stand still” and what happens? He...

17th Jul

Triplets, six months later …

I had the most enjoyable session in December of 2008 with three...

09th Jul

You lookin' at me?

That’s what I read in her little glare back at me. Or...

08th Jul

Bee Ball!

In a packed room, where gold streamers dangled from the exposed beams...

04th Jun

Camera 101 Photography Class!

You bought it, you might at well learn how to use it!...

01st Jun