Bee Ball!

On June 4, 2009 by Aimee

In a packed room, where gold streamers dangled from the exposed beams of the metal ceiling and live music blared from the sax, trombone and trumpet, incredibly well dressed men and women danced, drank and royally caroused.

The event, the Bee Ball, created by the Beehive Collective as a fundraising event for themselves in support of women’s causes around the Triangle, was the ultimate in second chance proms.

Attire ranged from flattering to faltering, stunning reds and radiant blues. Some came just for the fun of the party and played dress up only with an attached flower.

No matter their dress, fun was had by all and as a sponsor of the event, we enjoyed watching the craziness unfold under the spinning silver ball.

Kudos to The Atomic Rhythm All Stars. They played with gusto and were very true to the nature of the big band era.

If you’d like to see all photos from the evening simple click below.

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