Wedding! | Courtney & Eric – May 22, 2010

There are so many many things that could be said during a...

15th Jun

When should I photograph my baby?

It’s a question I’m asked frequently, so I thought I’d put my...

01st Jun

On turning one … | 1st birthday photography

My favorite age. 🙂 *1* What’s better than getting mobility, a little...

25th May

Congratulations Tamera and Marc! | Wedding April 24, 2010!

Tamera and Marc shared their wedding vows in front of family and...

17th May

New profile pic!

I totally believe in putting my face to my name (even though...

05th May
New profile pic!

Catherine & Billy – April 10th | Wedding Photography

My warmest congratulations to Catherine & Billy on their big day, April...

27th Apr

Engagement Photography | Duke Gardens

Gettin’ married in a “few” months! Summer sunshine warmed their session at...

23rd Apr

Married! | Sue & Rick March 13, 2010

They are all married up now! Off the market. 😉 What a...

30th Mar

Ring Shot!

Hook line and sinker. 😉 Of course that means, they’re gettin’ married....

29th Mar

6 months old! | Studio photography

This little guy has been a ton ‘o fun. I saw him...

23rd Mar

Kids Photography Contest Winner!

I had the pleasure of working with this adorable ten year old...

11th Mar

Baby on the way | Greensboro, maternity photography

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a couple about to reach...

15th Feb

Engagement Ring Photography | FREE!

There is a beauty in starting out ones married life with a...

01st Feb

Traditional Album | 331 images!

It’s always a challenge when putting together an album. What gets included?...

29th Jan

Bridal Show! | Swoozie's of Cameron Village

Had a blast yesterday at Swoozie’s of Cameron Village! Talked with so...

25th Jan