I – Stands for *I* can’t believe how fast my kids have grown up

On April 10, 2013 by Aimee

Today’s A to Z post is brought to you by the letter I!

Later in the month, I’m going to present a photo of my kids and my niece just in the last couple weeks. In all their silliness glory. I’m using today to reminisce a little. To show off my munchkins before they became who they are today. Why? Because *I* can’t believe they’ve gotten so big/tall/smart/old.

Going through their babies photos did make me tear up a bit because they were once SO little. So dependent on me. Now, they need me in a totally different way – a way I’m 100% okay with. In fact, I love it. But yes, ‘those were the days’ and they looked like this:

Crazy, huh? Just you wait for the big reveal later in this A to Z challenge!

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