Chocolate and Werewolves Should Never Be Mixed … Said No One Ever. Right?

On April 4, 2013 by Aimee

Okay, let me just take a moment to explain the title of my post. You see, I recently had it pointed out to me about the well-known advice regarding feeding dogs chocolate. We’ve all heard of this, right? I’m not sure of the exact reasons for it, but I certainly know it’s supposed to be a no-no due to something in the chocolate being harmful to our much-loved pets.

Well … dogs are canines.

Werewolves are part-canine.

Does that mean the same rules apply to them?

Resonance by J.A. Belfield

Resonance by J.A. Belfield

Let’s take a look at what Jem said when I mentioned that chocolate may be bad for her.


Hmmm, I guess she wasn’t too happy with that idea.

So I asked her: Do you not agree with this then?


Of course, though I backed away slowly, I couldn’t help but press because I really wanted to get to the bottom of this. So my next question was: Have you ever had any adverse affects when eating chocolate?

*growl* Why are we still discussing this?

I mean, I know Ethan likes his Snickers.

Ethan likes pretty much anything edible. It’s a moot point.

So … does it have any odd … effects on him?

*arched eyebrow* Describe odd effects.

Erm … digestive issues?

*rolls eyes* Please. He’s male. It comes with the gender—moot point.

Good point. So you definitely don’t have any issues with the sweet stuff?

Okay, look. I’m more of a hot chocolate girl than a straight chocolate girl, and that’s mostly the powdered stuff rather than made by scratch. If that’s anything to go by, then the answer is no. Happy now?

Um, yeah, I’m not sure the powdered drink would count actually.

So what does this prove?

Well, absolutely nothing.

Don’t you want to read Resonance? You know you do … because only there can you get wolves brave enough to dare to eat chocolate. 😉

You can buy Resonance now …  or …

But before you go …


The Big Resonance Giveaway!


April 2nd 2013 marked the official release of Resonance upon the world, and yes, Resonance is available to purchase at all of the usual outlets. However, because J.A. loves and appreciate her fans so much, she decided to go on a mission to give something back.

Her Mission

I vow to give away a FREE copy of Resonance to everyone who submits a valid entry between April 2nd and May 2nd (inclusive).
On top of that, one main-prize winner will receive a Holloway Pack swag-bundle (see image).

So, what do you have to do to enter?

Simples. Read on.

Resonance is, by no means, intended to be read as a standalone. If you haven’t read at least Blue Moon, then you will have absolutely no idea what is happening in Resonance. Also, if you haven’t read Blue Moon, then you will be hit upside the head with one massive spoiler for how the book ends if you read Resonance first.

So here’s the deal. You can enter in any (or all, if you wish) of the following ways:

Post a picture of you with your precious copy or Blue Moon somewhere on the Internet.

It does not have to be a hard copy (paperback); it can be the cover image on the screen of your Kindle/e-reader/reading tablet. No, pdf’s do not count. If you have a pdf, then it’s most probably an illegal copy, and so will only upset me.

Once said picture is posted, link me up so I can see it. If you stick it on FB, then tag me, but remember, I have a space (for some bizarre reason) between my initials on there. So, make sure you use @J. A. Belfield in your tag. NB: There will be a space in the Rafflecopter form to paste in a link to your pic, also, just in case I miss any or the tagging doesn’t work. If you stick it on Twitter, then be sure to mention: @JABelfield so I can see your entry. And if you happen to stick it anywhere else, then be sure to forward a link to the post to j.a.belfield72 at and include ‘The Big Resonance Giveaway’ in the subject line.

Post a review for Blue Moon.

Obviously, I’d prefer amazing ones, but I get that my writing won’t jive for everyone, so any review over 100 words will be accepted, even if it doesn’t rave and include 4/5 stars. However, I will read each review carefully (because I always do), and ascertain that I believe the book has actually been read rather than a review being composed out of a rewrite of the blurb (yes, this does happen on occasion).

J.A. Belfield

J.A. Belfield

Where you post your review is up to you. On Goodreads. Amazon. B&N. On your blog. Completely up to you. But the Rafflecopter form will have separate entry options for each of these places, and each one will be included as an entry toward the main prize.

Make sense?


Off you go, go, goooo! but then come back and register!

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