Lesson learned : You put what in your lunch box?

On December 3, 2012 by Aimee

Yes, yes, that was the question I posed to my girls one day as we pulled up in the carpool line at school. Here is how the conversation went:

“But, Mom, you said we could!” they both whined.

“I most certainly did not say you could put frosties in your lunch!”

“Yes you did! You and dad.”

At this point I’m thinking … “When did I say that?”

and my daughter answers my unspoken question with “Last night when you and dad were watching t.v. you said we could have frosties after lunch.”

:slaps palm to forehead:

“Yes, my darling children … but after lunch is AFTER school. They’re going to melt!”

At that point, I had them extract their frosties not knowing how in the world they’d packaged said desserts and was granted this:

Yep, aluminum foil to the rescue!

Upon being given these goodies back, I realized not only had the frosties been in their lunch boxes and would be there for 3 hours, they also had been in the fridge, not the freezer overnight.

That meant, our frosties there were … well … not very frosty. Cool but not cold one might say.

Two very unhappy girls went to school that day. Frosty-less but with one lesson learned:

Mom doesn’t always listen and Mom doesn’t always respond properly.

Oh … wait. Who learned a lesson?