Who would you want in your Easter basket this year? #giveaway

On April 6, 2012 by Aimee

Thanks to The Blog Hop Spot for hosting this fun Easter blog hop!

Every year, we fill Easter baskets with candy, goodies, peeps, chocolate … stuff. This year, I want you to consider who you’d prefer to have in your Easter basket.

Yes, I said ‘who’ … not ‘what’.

Why do I mean who?

Well … you read. You decide. (and you could win!) Which one of these two leading men would you want in your Easter basket? 😉

First up … Wyatt from Little White Lies.

“Ma’am,” Wyatt said. “Should I get you a chair?”

Ma’am? Her heart ached. “I’m okay.” One hand in James’s, another in Lily’s, Charley brought herself up to her full height.

Gone were the wisps of curls that infused his dark hair—he’d opted for a long military cut. His green eyes tugged and pulled at hers—same as before. Her fingers itched to find their way to muscles hidden under his dark suit. Soft warred with hard as small creases added to the corners of his eyes, reflecting age and wisdom. They stood, the four of them focused on Wyatt.


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Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine
Now up …. Tripp & Lexi from Hide & Seek

A fresh-showered smell carried through the salty air.

“I’m—I’m sorry … didn’t mean to squat on your beach.”

He plopped beside the space she’d vacated. “I just came out for some quiet myself.” His voice, deep and resolute, drifted toward her as if called by the ocean. He patted the ground. “Sit.”

She ignored his command, bracing to bolt.

“I don’t bite.” Like a puppet, she found herself drawn forward, not away. This is really stupid, Lexi. “I thought you wanted some time to yourself.”

His head shifted to the side, giving her a glimpse of his face: strong cheek bones, a straight nose and dark hair. The small amount of light from the house caught his eyes, but the color remained a mystery. A miniature hoop graced his earlobe.

His profile disappeared again. “Some company might be nice.”


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I know both of those were teases. But take a moment and tell me … which guy would you want in your Easter basket?

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