Toilet paper & teenagers. I’d say, ‘Enough said,’ but there is a whole story to tell… #TiWiWf

On April 13, 2012 by Aimee

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No, this isn’t about a cute cuddly koala bear in a nicely organized pile of toilet paper rolls.

Not at all.

You see, in my house, my son has a bathroom that is 99% his own. Yes, his sisters ‘share’ it which means they only go in it 1x a day at most. They don’t bathe in it. They don’t brush their teeth in it. They really …. rarely … use it.

So this bathroom, as I noted from the doorway today, includes approximately 12 full rolls of toilet paper on the floor. Three half-rolls on the counter and four empty rolls in a variety of places that are NOT the trash can.


How hard is it, when the roll is empty, to simply change it out?

How hard is it, when you change out the roll, to THROW IT AWAY?

How hard is it, when you throw out the roll, to not MISS the trash can?

And what about putting the full rolls in the cabinet — which, mind you, is EMPTY.

So you see, it’s a toilet paper dilemma.

Sure, I could be all master-of-my-domain and enforce the rules, but I’m trying to actually teach him to take care of his bathroom on his own. Usually, there are towels on the floor. Usually, I find the counter cluttered with his stuff.

For some reason, neither of these issues bothers me like the lack of toilet paper organization.

I mean, really? New rolls go in cabinet. You pull one out when you run out. You take off the empty one and throw it away and replace it.

How hard is that?

Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe … just maybe … toilet paper should be left to pile up on the floor among the dirty towels.

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Maybe it’s a girl thing … the whole transition from empty to full. Is that it?

Maybe it’s an adult thing.

Maybe it’s just me.


It is, after all … just toilet paper.

Yet another reason why I write fiction. There are no toilet paper conflicts in my books. (!) That gives me an idea. 😉

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

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