Book Review! Eternal by J.A. Belfield

On April 10, 2012 by Aimee

Eternal by J.A. Belfield

Eternal by J.A. Belfield

Since yesterday, I wrote about her latest NOVEL coming soon, today, I get to hype up her novella which comes out in July. Why am I writing this review? Because I love the Holloway Pack. I love Jem, Sean, Ethan, Nate, Connor, Kyle, Dan and Josh. Oh yes. Yes. Yes, I do.

So, today, let me tell you about Eternal.

This is prequel #2 (which means story number .5) in the Holloway pack series. It comes after Instinct and before Darkness & Light, yet I read Darkness & Light ages ago. So what’s up with all these prequels? Well … all these awesome novels have stories within the history. And some authors, like J.A. Belfield have taken the time to write about what happened BEFORE the novel started.

So that’s where Eternal stands … before Darkness & Light.

It’s actually the continuation of Instinct, which brings Jem and Sean together.

Eternal, on the other hand, takes their story to the next level.

You see, Jem and Sean have a history. A long one and we learn about that in Darkness & Light. But in Instinct, we get to see it begin and in Eternal we get to see it bloom.

That’s the awesomeness of this. I get to fall in love with Jem and Sean and then learn more about them, their history, what brought them together, etc. in a short story.

And … as so many know … I love novellas because they are short and usually very fast reads. I can get hooked into a novel and have to put it down 10x due to ‘life’ but a novella is often a one-sitting read and Eternal is just that.

So … we have Jem and Sean. We’ve established that they are werewolves (or at least one of them is) and now, it’s time for them to stop going about a normal life that isn’t and get to the big ‘M’ word. See, Instinct and Eternal are set in the 1800s which means, culturally, Jem and Sean shouldn’t be living together. But they are (progressive?) and now it’s time for Sean to make that move … to ask Jem to marry him.

Of course, he can’t do that the ‘right’ way and in his failure all sorts of craziness ensues, including a few strangers who might want to take Jem up on her still-single-hood-nature. Is it possible to break up Jem and Sean?

Well … if might be if he doesn’t get his act together and get a little help from a few people for the long-term.

Love it. Love Jem and Sean. Love Eternal. The Holloway Pack is one of my favorite groups of people.

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