Book Review! Oracle by J.C. Martin

On February 16, 2012 by Aimee
Oracle by J.C. Martin

Oracle by J.C. Martin

4.5 stars, a fantastic read that kept me on my toes, heart racing until the end.

I’m pretty sure, if I ever decide I don’t want to write romance, that I will fall into the thriller/suspense/mystery category because I just LOVE them. I’m not so much into plain out mysteries, but there’s something about the thriller/suspense, particularly crime thrillers. That’s exactly what Oracle delivers.

From the first line of the story, until almost the last, I was thoroughly intrigued. The end is nowhere near as dramatic as the opening. It’s almost a little anticlimactic, in fact. Where I thought it would ‘end’ it actually has a little more to go, but it’s not nearly as driven as the rest. SPOILER:: It doesn’t have the punch that the fight between Kurt and Gordon has, the visual/mental pictures racing through my mind. It’s almost too lax. Like it should have skipped that extra little step. ::END SPOILER

BUT … I have to say that the ‘extra’ blip at the end is necessary to the story. It’s part of the overall mythology associated with that oak leaf on the cover. To say this is just a crime novel would be ridiculous because in reality, it’s a Greek mythology story, interwoven through the crimes of a psychopathic serial killer.

And as anyone knows, I LOVE a good mythology story (Games of Zeus anyone?)

While Kurt Lancer was the main character — a policeman with some group in the UK that I have no idea who they are because I do not live in the UK — that didn’t matter one iota to my ability to understand the police proceedings or the process. Police work seems to be police work whether in the US or the UK. (Though the lack of guns will make some American’s mad because all our police have guns and NO, they don’t in the UK … but I digress). Back to Kurt. Yeah, he’s the main guy, but we get to see some of the story through the Oracle’s eyes, through Holloway and through Blaize — whom I love and want Kurt to fall in love with because … well … I LOVE romances!

However, the real show stealer?

That was Meg.

Yep, that little heartthrob is going to bowl you over. She is the cutest, the most resourceful, bounce-back-able character in here. Not really, but you’ll see. I don’t want to give too much away, but I wanted to take care of her just like Kurt (who happens to be her daddy).

So what about the crime? It’s big. There’s a LOT of stuff going on and from the moment we get started with the investigation, it’s a step by step by step race toward an answer … right up to the big finale at the Olympics.

Why the Olympics? Well … Zeus? Greek? Greece? Can anyone say, it’s all tied in? And with a nice bow, I might add.

There is action, adventure, excitement, intrigue, potential romance (future story??), loads of potential conflicts (Kurt’s brother is one), loads of potential other issues (Holloway, Blaize, even Chief Sutherland sp?).

Yup, I expect to see story after story after story about Kurt Lancer because he’s got it all going on … oh and yeah … he’s hot, too. 😉

Way, to go, JC. Congrats on a great debut.

I can’t wait to read more! Literally. Like now. You got a book 2 yet?

For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until July 31st. Don’t you hate that??

{As a fellow J. Taylor Publishing author, I was privileged to receive this story early for review and comment}

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