5 Things lawn mowing & romance novels have in common. #TiWiWF

On October 7, 2011 by Aimee

Bet you never thought you’d see that in a subject line. 😉

Bet you’re also thinking, “The answer is nothing!”


Wrong. Play again.

There is something in common? Oh yeah … read on …

#1 Shirtless guys.
Note that I didn’t say shirtless HOT guys. No, just shirtless guys. Case in point?
Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine or In the Arms of a Marquess

And, of course, somewhere INSIDE that book, that guy’s gonna get shirtless, too. And he’s absolutely got those rippling muscles. Again, I didn’t say the mower does. But in the book, even the landscapers and gardeners and mowers DO!

#2 They make you hot
Well? Don’t they? Don’t deny it.

If it’s 99 degrees outside and your lawn is two feet tall … and you push a mower around for an hour or more … you’ll be sweating like a pig, too. Yes, *that’s* what I was talking about. Where did your mind go? 🙂

As for the novels? Oh … yeah … *that’s* where your mind went. Oh yeah. Did you know, even inspirational romance (romances without sex) can make you all tingly inside? The idea behind relationships is about the love and intimacy, whether you ‘see’ it (read it) or not. A romance novel will ignite something inside you.

#3 You get to do it again and again and again …
Okay, stop right there. What are you thinking??

Those damn lawns just keep growing. Mow it once, you gotta do it again and again and again … until you die (or hire the guy from #1 and #2 above that was hiding in the romance novel)

And when it comes to your novel(s), you can read, re-read and re-re-read a single novel OR … you can buy another and another and another and read, read, read until the day your sight fails you and even then, you can listen. After that, braille. Yup … tons of ways to keep on enjoying your novels.

#4 Group participation is way better than doing it alone.
Once again, I must ask … where did YOUR mind go?

My 14 year old has been mowing lawns since he was 8. Ish. My girls think they are ready to push the self-propelled mower around our yard. I have mowed countless times. So has my husband. When we all go out together and mow, trim, clean up, etc. we have a lot of fun together.

Now for novels, I don’t mean orgies. Geez, people. This is a family blog. 😉 (Though there are books out there like that *ahem* not that I would know). I mean book clubs. I was privileged to go to a book club where they talked about Little White Lies. Do you know how fun it is to talk about books like that? Reading in a vacuum is great, but talking about books in person or on Goodreads, is way, way better.

and finally …

#5 The end will always make you smile.
Like a haircut, it looks great right after it’s been all trimmed up. All the patches are temporarily hidden, it’s been fluffed and manicured. Might only last a day, but hey … it looks good.

Romance novels ALWAYS have a happily ever after. ALWAYS. Shall I say it again? H.E.A = Romance novel. Why do you think I read them so much? I can’t stand unhappy endings. One day with my kids around though and I gotta go pic up another. 🙂 (Ps … I love my kids, but they are kids after all).

And there you go. 5 real reasons why lawn mowing and romance novels are similar. Okay, not really similar, but it was fun wasn’t it?

This is Why I Write Fiction. (#TiWiWF) It’s fun. 🙂

What else do mowing the lawn and romance have in common? Share in the comments!


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