Caught with my pants down …

On August 1, 2011 by Aimee

Caught with my pants downOkay … not really. The reality is that I screwed up one day at work a few weeks ago. Now, because I KNOW I’ve piqued your interest, I’ll tell you what happened.

– I wrote an email.
– Said email was full of frustrated commentary.
– Said frustrated commentary was meant to go to an internal person.
– Said email went to a client instead.

Even worse … if the client read it, it would look like I was yelling at them … but I wasn’t.

Right here is where I insert my witty method to making amends, but I gotta say, I haven’t been so utterly embarrassed and remorseful in ages and worse … a simple apology was totally not going to be enough.

Hindsight is 20/20 as the old saying goes, but in the split second that I hit send and realized it went to the wrong person, I thought to myself:

  • Why didn’t I check that To: field?
  • Why didn’t I just not send it?
  • Why did I write it in the first place?
  • Why doesn’t the ‘Recall’ feature in MS Outlook actually WORK?

Okay, that last one is place blame somewhere it’s not deserved. The problem was all mine. 100% mine. I wasn’t careful enough.

Now, I will learn from this little adventure, that’s for sure. And then I’ll make it stick. As a writer, I have the prime opportunity to teach myself a lesson and never forget the error of my ways.

We sometimes say that we’ll forever immortalize an enemy by writing them into a scene. I immortalize my own failures in conflicts for my characters. Then when I read my stories 8-gazillion times in drafting, editing, revising, editing more, etc. I will be reminded of the problem and my solution.

Yes, putting my own errors into my characters is a bit cathartic and a bit self-serving, but hey … that makes my characters more real, doesn’t it?

I could immortalize my enemies (though I have to admit, I really don’t have enemies) but really, pulling from my own life’s experiences and adjusting them to suit my characters is even more fun.

Now, of course, with the exception of this little (or rather big) oopsie(!) you’ll never know what my foibles are. I have many flaws, that I will admit to. But you’ll have to read my stories to see if you can find out what they are. 😉

Writers, you have a prime opportunity for some self-therapy here.
Now, for non-writers, how can you take and ‘error-of-your-way’ and turn it on its head? How can you learn from your mistakes and ensure (or try!) you don’t do that … again?

And yes … all ideas are subject to use in a future story. 😉


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