It’s my birthday … I can …

On March 16, 2011 by Aimee

Cry if I want to?

Laugh if my life is awesome?

Smile if the world continues to turn on its axis?

Feel blessed that I have the most amazing friends, family, coworkers, supporters, etc?

Eat chocolate cake.

Edit my latest novel.



Be lazy and love it?

Stare at my signature on my publishing contract?

Count the days ’til I have a book in my hand?

All of the above?

Yup, I go with all of the above. I’m turning )#*%&@*& <-- sorry, but keyboard refuses to put those two numbers together! Every time I try to write them I get: )@(*%&@*(. 🙂 Who knew? As I celebrate tonight with an un-heart healthy dinner at Cracker Barrel with my birthday buddy (my sister-in-law) and my kids and hubby, I'll enjoy. As the biscuit coated in honey hit my tongue ... I'll smile. When the gravy-coated mashed potatoes steam up my glasses, I'll grin. If the waitress even gets a whiff that it's my birthday and does any sort of singing? Well ... then ... I'll make one of my kids need a bathroom break and disappear under the cover of being Mom. 🙂 But no matter what, 2011 is already a great year and here's to )(@#%(*@&(#! Happy Birthday to all March 16th babies. And don't forget to wear your green on Thursday.