Blog post size — what works?

On January 10, 2011 by Aimee

There is a feature below the little window in which I write. It’s a Word Count. I watch it while I write my blog posts. Once I hit 100 words, I start to wonder what else I could write to fill up the space.

When I reach 200 words, I start to think I should probably begin the wrap up process.

I get to 300 words and think, ‘no’, plenty more space to add my thoughts.

At 400, I know I must become more concise in my words and start thinking of ways to get my meaning across without using so many words.

Then I hit 500 and all rules suck. Yep. They do. Well … no, not really.

It’s just that at about 500 words, that’s about 2-3 minutes of reading (for the average reader) and pretty much … in a blog … I want to keep it short and sweet.

So that’s what I do … I shoot for 300 – 500 words in my blog posts.

Yes, in some cases, I’ll go shorter. In some, waaaaaaaaaaay longer.

I’ve seen, in some blogs, that posts reach 1000 or 2000 words and I think … does anyone actually read the entire thing? Come on now … really? Honestly? Truthfully? From start to finish?

I figure that most read the first paragraph, maybe the second (if they are large paragraphs) and then move on to something lower, skipping ahead and down farther until they get to the last and go … ‘ooh! great blog post!’

Admit it … you’ve done it. 🙂 I won’t tell.

It’s the same with writing novels, believe you me! Think about the novels you have. Are there big thick passages of narration? Big blocks that look like massive paragraphs? Do you read every word in them? If I were a bettin’ girl, I’d bet not.

So why do that in a blog?

My goal in 2011 is to write my blogs like I write my novels … ‘fast’, filled with white space and with short blips of information interspersed with good detail. Might be a lofty ambition, but hey … that’s me.

The exception? Oh yeah, you had to know there was going to be an exception to the rule, right? 🙂 Well there is … when and if I post any of my novel writing, I shall post the appropriate sized block to get the story across and no way will that be a blip of 500 words. That, my friends, will be waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer (as mentioned before).

So, answer me this … what sized blog post works for you? What will you read all the way through and what will you skim but pretend you’ve read the whole thing?