::Blog Chain:: ‘Masquerade’

On October 2, 2010 by Aimee

I missed last months Absolute Write blog chain simply because …. I was too busy. πŸ™ But I’m back this month and participating in one ‘run’ by my writing buddy, Claire Gillian. πŸ™‚ Can’t miss that now, can I? I mean, geez, we ‘met’ on Absolute Write!

Now that the admissions are made, let’s get on with the chain.

Before me went Hillary Jacques and after me will go Ralph Pines. As always, I encourage you to sneak a peek at their musings on the title ‘Masquerade’ as well as the rest in the chain, but at least, goodness, read mine! πŸ˜†

According to dictionary.com, masquerade means “false outward show; faΓ§ade; pretense”

Now, I find this interesting that it would be the topic of choice for October (aka the Halloween month) and that it would fit so well with EVERYTHING that I write.

Everything I say? Yes. Surely I don’t mean that. Yes, yes, yes I do. And I live it, too.

I write paranormal romance. That means my characters have something ‘hidden’ about them. We’re not talking a secret like what you did on your 16th birthday and never told your parents. No, I’m talking about a life-altering, life-agendas that humans SHOULD never know about.

One is a shape-shifter. Another is a vampire (but only one, I couldn’t stomach writing a whole slew of them). Another is a god (yes, lower case). My favorite character can disappear. Another, coupled with her mate, look/act/are exclusively human but when apart from each other, everything ELSE in the worlds goes to pot.

I have 5 completed novels that work off this premise, that behind the outer facade of what the world sees is something completely different.

Don’t we all do that though? I didn’t come up with this particular theme because it’s out of this world new … we ALL hide behind *something*. The Internet gives us a chance to be someone other than ourselves and only when we get comfortable with a set of people do we branch out and perhaps get more personal.

Take me for example. Aimee Laine is not my real name. I use it professionally as a photographer and for writing paranormal romance that will cover your glasses in steam when you read it. πŸ™‚ Aimee Laine, by the way, is part of my real name, just not the one on all my tax records.

To take that one step further, in the writing industry, it’s not particularly good to ‘cross genre’ with the same pen name, nor to switch writing-person. I currently write 3rd, by the way.

Since I’m going to add YA paranormal romance to my plate (in 1st person) and will be keeping my content on the gray-side of exhilarating (ie I’m not going to cross the 3rd base line and slide into home), then I need to separate me from … well … me. So, I’m going to write as Emi J. Gayle, which just so happens to be a combo of my children’s names.

Emi … or rather my … blog comes as I dive into the NANO season. My first story as Emi : First Kiss(es) is ready to write, I just chose to wait until November to do it (so I could get a pretty badge in the process).

There are a few writers and loads of photography customers who know me for me … the real me. The messy, pull my hair out kind of girl I am, but to everyone else, my persona is there and there it will remain, waiting for the day that the mask is pulled off and the man (or in my case woman) behind the curtain walks out and introduces herself.

Or not. πŸ™‚

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