Path to Publication :: Nice rejections

On August 3, 2010 by Aimee

I’ve had Mystic Therapy out for consideration for about 8 weeks. In that time, it’s been rejected (at the query level) quite a number of times. But, 5 different agents asked for more, which was just amazing and so very very exciting to me. In any case, four of those five have passed, but the latest one … received today, simply reconfirms what I’ve had to come to grips with in this industry.

Here is what she said:

You have a great imagination – I love the premise – and you’re a good writer, but I’m sad to say that I just wasn’t passionate enough about this to ask to see more. I wish I could offer constructive suggestions, but I thought the dialogue was fine, the characters well-crafted, and the plot well-conceived. I think it’s the kind of thing that really is subjective – why some people adore the book on the top of the NYTimes bestseller list, and others don’t.

What does this reconfirm?
#1 — Publishing is as subjective as we humans are because it’s made up of us humans! One story will appeal to one person while another’s won’t. Even I’ve put down NYT bestsellers because I couldn’t get into it.

#2 — I am doing this writing thing right. I’ve worked my butt off on every manuscript. Yes, I type and write and think fast, so I move fast, but I do have alpha and beta readers. I edit until I’m comfortable with the story and the writing, then I send it to another set of readers. Yes, I do all this in the span of 60 ish days, but I do make sure that I do all the steps … and that is a reflection of her comment above.

#3 — My ideas are fun. 🙂 Sometimes, that’s the part that gets me the most — because I like to delve into conceptual ideas that are often hard to explain. But hey … that’s just me.

Next steps for Mystic? None … another agent still has it and it’s out for two potential contests, too.

In the meantime, Hide & Seek is in the editing process and Good Luck Charm is in the writing process. All these levels and stages are part of the process which — while often frustrating more out of a lack of patience than anything — I am enjoying thoroughly.

How about you? What can you take away from your rejections that boosts your self-esteem?