52 Qualities of Prosperous Writers | Balance

On March 23, 2010 by Aimee

Christina Katz’s latest newsletter that follows along the 52 qualities of prosperous writers has another entry that has me going … are you in my head? 🙂

This week, she’s talking about ‘Balance’ — you know, right? That fine line we like to walk along in life as we try to juggle all the day to day “stuff” with the 8000 things that are biting our heels waiting for our answer or our attention?

She even goes on to say that sometimes, getting out of whack is a good thing. I … am … so … with … her. (to a point of course). Finding a new sense of purpose and thus a balance, has been a challenge this year as I transition myself back into one workplace from another but keep the first and add a third.

Sure, by now you’re going … hunh?

When you work for yourself, it can be tough. When you work for someone else, you may think … the grass is greener. It it and it’s not. I’ve worked for myself for 3 full years and while I love it? I’m taking a step back … but I’m not giving it up … because (and here is the clincher) … because I can do both!

Now comes the balance part. How can I juggle home, family, kids, a full time job, photography and writing (those are the three ‘jobs’ by the way).

The key is in knowing what I want to get out of each of them.

Full-time job : a lasting career that pays the bills
Photography : A creative outlet that stretches those dendrites my 5 year old daughter told me about form her study of the brain in Kindergarten. 😉
Writing : Take my imagination and stir it up.

That’s what I want to get out of each area, but how?

Full-time job : time away from the uber-creative me and recharge (ie M-F 9-5 ish)
Photography : Specific time allotted to my wonderful customers, but on my schedule
Writing : Shoot … I can do this anywhere, anytime with pen, pencil, computer or … well just about any substance, so that gets plugged in all the time.

Another key is managing my expectations. Do I expect photography to pay the bills and make me a fortune? No. Do I expect writing to do the same? No (but I’d love it if either of those did. 😉 ). I do them because I love them. I love to tell a story in pictures as much as in print.

Why else would my business tag line be : We tell life stories in pictures and with pen and ink?

So I let my passions eek into my work-life and let my work-life blend with my passions. As long as I’m satisfied by both and my family, kids and ‘whatever else’ are happy? Then I’m balanced.

I know when it’s getting out of whack … it did in 2009 … but slowly (oh so slowly) it’s finding its new pace and that …. I love.