Nathan Bransford’s “THE SECRET YEAR Teen Diary Contest Extravaganza!!”

On January 5, 2010 by Aimee

If you haven’t found his site already or made your way there today, get over there! There is a great little contest going on that anyone interested in writing for or reading Young Adult books should try their hand at! I did and I don’t write YA (though I LOVE to read it). 🙂

Nathan Bransford’s “THE SECRET YEAR Teen Diary Contest Extravaganza!!”

Just to prove that I did submit something … here is my entry … the rules, by the way were to:
“Write the most compelling (fictional) teen diary entry.”

And here is my diary entry for today, January 5, 2010.


OMG! Today is the best day ever!

HE talked to me! —> Me <--- I cannot!!! believe this! Meredith said she knew he would, but I so totally didn’t believe her. He just came right up to me and said hi! I nearly passed out right there. Me! Me!! Meeee! And he is so hot. Completely. I don’t think I can stand this! HE TALKED TO ME! Had to hide the uber-happy smile from Mom though. She’s still totally bummed that I dumped Jeff. No idea why. Wasn’t like he was her boyfriend or anything. And he’s nothing compared to Kyle. OMG though! Gonna have to jump on my bed or something. No. I’ll get in trouble. So what!? He TALKED to me. TO ME! OMG! OMG! So it was like only one word, but those eyes looked right into mine. I think I could see right into his soul. Blue like I figure those seas or rivers or whatever are in Alaska, where you can see clear to the bottom, like a zillion feet down or something. Me. Juliet Renee Calvin. No-no. Juliet Renee -- Steele. Yeah. That’s it. Juliet Renee Steele. Juliet Renee Steele. I like it. Meredith was right next to me when it happened and she said he looked right at me. Duh! Of course he did. I saw his eyes. He was so not talking to that other girl. But he did kinda look at her. No-no. He didn’t. He looked at me. He said hi to ME. Not her. Me. Didn’t he? I heard him say ‘hi’. Wasn’t he talking to me? Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he WAS talking to THAT girl. The hot one with the boobs that practically fell out of her shirt. Yeah. He was probably talking to her, not me. Mine don’t even poke through. Damnit! I am such a friggin’ idiot. He wasn’t talking to me. It was her all along. Blondie with the big boobs. Meredith doesn’t know jack: seniors don’t talk to freshmen. Ugh! Better call Jeff back.