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On November 6, 2009 by Aimee

So this month’s blog chain is all about what we need/use to write. Some are writing in response to their participation in NaNo and others, just in general. Where some, like my predecessor Lost Wanderer have a complete list of great things that help her move along in the writing process, I am the complete opposite. Ok, not opposite. She and I share one key element … her #5.

I am EXTREMELY competitive. My husband says I am the most competitive person he knows. 🙂 I take that as a compliment. And as competitive as I am, if I am not competing, or lose, I am also a wonderful supporter to those that win and need my support.

When it comes to writing, the idea that I got started with a project means I must absolutely finish.

For me, writing is so much for pleasure. It is yet another creative outlet for me and so when I write, I think through my story and just add, add, add to it until I feel like it’s done. I write by feel. Seriously.

No outlines. No plans exactly. The characters evolve in my head and out the story flows through my fingers.

I can write anywhere. At my desk. On the floor. With the TV on. Due to current job issues, I’ve had to postponed my NaNoWriMo writing to nearly 11pm each night, but I have managed to keep up a 1700 word pace daily. I write that in about an hour.

I was very excited about beginning my first NaNo and so far it has met with every one of my expectations and luckily, it has lit the fire of competition from beneath me and on I go daily in the pursuit of the written word.

So, in keeping with my previous blog writers, my survival list includes the following …

*My laptop
*My laptop’s air conditioning unit (necessary unless you want super-heated thighs
*A motivating factor that for November is the end goal of MORE than 50,000 words for me.

Here are the those in the chain, before and after me. I encourage you to read their posts as it’s inspiring and thrilling to see how similar AND different we all are.

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