Indy Bookstore “review” : All Booked Up in Apex, NC

On August 5, 2009 by Aimee

I quoted review because, while I’ll give you my thoughts, there won’t be a bad word said. 🙂 So it’s more a plug than a review of All Booked Up in Apex, NC.

There seems to be a surge in the support of Independent Booksellers — new and used. I think it’s awesome because, as a small business owner, I always want to support the little guy. Convenience aside, it’s just good to do so!

Now, this place is convenient (except for the darned parking — ok, so only one bad thing and that has nothing to do with them, but the Town of Apex).

So tonight, I trudged with my three tagalongs out to All Booked Up as I’m about done with my current Read-in-Progress and once finished, have a few others to get. Why not get books from them if I can? Or try out some of their other options?

Off we went. Parked “forever away” according to my five year old daughters and walked the two blocks down the street. Of course a quick pass by the bakery and ice cream store on the way got them out of their funk.

The store is about to move across from their current location — into a space that is very likely double their current size.

What they have now is tight. Full of books and art, goodies and talk. The owners were meeting with a local author — Nicole Zimmerman of The NICU Rollercoaster — while I was there. They are very local author friendly and she’ll be signing/speaking eventually. At the very least, her book is now in the store (literally because I was there when they bought it from her!).

So, back to the store. I can’t wait for their expansion. In their current space they’ve made use of every possible nook, cranny and corner. My kids spent their 1/2 hour in the kids “room” and eventually picked two books — Dora and Barney. Go figure.

My son wasn’t interested in looking because all he wants is a new cell phone. His funk remained despite the heavenly smells of the bakery. 😉

I could have stood in there for ages, looking through the shelves. I’ll never sell a book to them as I’m a horder of books. I have stacks (literally stacked because I don’t have shelves for them) of books — hardcover, paperback, trade, etc. But I will most definitely buy from them.

And hey … someday … maybe you’ll buy mine from them.

Next time you’re in Apex … stop in.