Jenny & Mark are real!

On July 7, 2009 by Aimee

Ok, they aren’t, but they are to me! On Saturday, prior to getting hit with the worst virus I’ve had in ten years, I spent my morning recreating the image that wreaked havoc on Sarah in Mirage! Recreating the images I write about is actually quite fun. They don’t all stem from what I’ve already done, rather they are often brought from my imagination.

Yes, some are real — like the cake and the Harley. Who would leave those out?

So, in Mirage, there is a scene that sets the stage for upcoming problems – the image itself doesn’t, but well … guess you’ll have to read the book to see exactly. Thanks to my guinea pigs Melody & Dominic, we had a bit of fun at my book’s expense. I’ll post those photos later … but for now, I leave you with a snippet from Mirage …

“Ok! I think we’re done, unless of course you can think of anything else we need to capture.” Sarah beamed.
“Yeah,” Jenny hedged, “I know I’m not all hot and everything right now, Sarah, but could I put the baby in the car seat for a minute and would you get one of Mark and me in this same kind of way”? Jenny asked with such timidity Sarah knew she’d never asked for an image the likes of it.
“Awesome! Yes! I was kind of hoping you’d ask, but didn’t know if you’d want to.”
After a few minutes of creative exposure coverage, Jenny and Mark were intertwined; two complete love birds, had they been in a tree. Sarah couldn’t help but smile and as she shot the last few frames. A tear came to her own eye; the emotion welled up inside her. She couldn’t believe the amazing beauty she could see in the relationship between man and woman. If she thought Cat’s marriage was strong, theirs was off the charts! To be able to capture that in an image, stunned her.”

Images will be unveiled at a later date. 🙂