Anne Elisabeth Stengl is on the “Less-and-Fewer band wagon”. What is that? See inside!

On August 7, 2013 by Aimee

Anne Elisabeth wrote this book because she had a picture in my head that she couldn’t successfully draw. So she started writing a short story, which eventually grew into several stories, which eventually grew into the Tales of Goldstone Wood . . . and this novel.

Do spelling and grammer mistakes annoy you?
I am a Less-and-Fewer girl . . . I want to hear it said RIGHT. And so rarely am I given that pleasure. Look, my friends, if you can COUNT it, it should be fewer: “Fewer Calories. Fewer pills to swallow. Fewer deadlines to meet.” If you CAN’T count it, then it should be less: “Less time, less stress, less annoyance.”

I got my husband on the Less-and-Fewer band wagon as well, and now we jointly annoy all our friends and acquaintances with our snobbery and corrections. 🙂

If that doesn’t get you interested in this brand new author, check her out at all these other places:

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Oh, a couple of times. The first was my own fool fault. I fell for the boy whom EVERYONE KNEW was a flirt and a player. I was given fair warning! But, somehow, I deceived myself into thinking that I actually mattered to him. And thus . . . I got my heart broken. But I got over him eventually, learned to laugh at his flirtatious ways, and we became friends.

But I’ll tell you, when I met an honest man who wouldn’t dream of toying with a girl’s affections for his own amusement, I recognized him for the prize he was . . . and married him seven months later!

What scares you the most?
A couple of things . . .

I’m scared of the dark. Not as bad as I used to be, but I’ll sometimes still have fits of dark-frights and am unable to sleep.

I’m also scared of not being able to write another good book. Every time I finish one and like it, I have a major crisis of fear wondering if I’ll be able to write another one!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
The job I’m doing right now. I love writing my stories and sharing them with my readers!

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at Anne’s book …

DRAGONWITCHWho Will Dare to Face the Dragonwitch?

Submissive to her father’s will, Lady Leta of Aiven travels far to meet a prospective husband she neither knows nor loves–Lord Alistair, future king of the North Country.

But within the walls of Gaheris Castle, all is not right. Vicious night terrors plague Lord Alistair to the brink of insanity. Whispers rise from the family crypt. The reclusive castle Chronicler, Leta’s tutor and friend, possesses a secret so dangerous it could cost his life and topple the North Country into civil war.

And far away in a hidden kingdom, a fire burns atop the Temple of the Sacred Flame. Acolytes and priestesses serve their goddess to the limits of their lives and deaths. No one is safe while the Dragonwitch searches for the sword that slew her twice…and for the one person who can wield it.

Favorite one-line review about the book

Dragonwitch is a mesmerizing journey that beautifully showcases the strength and determination of the human spirit.

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

Have you ever watched an immortal die?
You who have slain countless Fey-Folk, tell me if you dare: Did you ever stand by and watch an immortal death? Did you see the blush of life fade to gray, the light of the spirit slowly, so slowly wane? You have taken life, but have you seen it stolen from before your eyes?
I have.

Buy it now …

But before you go, one last question …

If you could meet any famous person living or not, who would it be?
I think I’d like to meet C.S. Lewis. He was such a brilliant writer and lover of fairy tales . . . I think he and I could have quite a nice cup of tea and a chat together, if I could just get over my star-struck awe of him!

Congratulations, Anne Elisabeth! Good luck with Dragonwitch!

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