Published Article! “The Rhythm Method — It Works in Fiction”

On July 1, 2011 by Aimee

Vision: A Resource for WritersSomehow, I missed that in Issue #64 of Vision : A Resource for Writers, my article The Rhythm Method : It Works in Fiction published today, July 1, 2011 in the July through September 2011 Issue!!

The Rhythm Method — It Works in Fiction talks about the use of rhythm, rhyme and non-standard structure in writing. It applies to any style of writing, but don’t expect to use it for a term paper in college. Stick to standards for your ‘A’ grade.

In fiction, especially commercial fiction though, I think we writers use this kind of rhythm to take our readers along for a glorious ride.

And the entire article talks about doing just that.

I hope you enjoy!

If words and grammar were the only necessary elements in writing fiction, we’d all have been genius writers the moment we got that ‘A+’ on our English exams. Even a new writer, though, knows there is more to the craft than slapping words on a page and ensuring the right placement of commas. Read more…

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