Book Review : An Unforgettable Lady

On September 8, 2010 by Aimee

So… you know the drill …. possibly spoilers if you read on. 🙂

In March 2004, J.R. Ward, writing as Jessica Bird, had this particular book published. Her Dear Reader’s intro at the beginning is so awesome because it touched on some personal ‘issues’ in my house and I thought … okay … I gotta read this.

Well, the cover copy didn’t particular draw me in because the story is so … well … been done. I mean, rich NY socialite hooks up with her bodyguard?

Well then you might ask me why in the world I bought said book. 🙂 Go ahead. Ask. 🙂 Well, I’ll tell you. I needed a book for a trip to L.A. … for something to read on the plane if it got too bumpy to write on my laptop. Yes, yes, yes it did. So I put in a good couple of hours in said book right away.

My first thoughts were … ‘geez, this is going to be yet another fall in love story with two opposites and no substance … just the same ole same ole. Yes, it is.

BUT. This is the kicker. 🙂 Her characters are ultimately and completely loveable.

So yeah, I skipped a LOT of the narrative, read scene settings and dialogue to move through faster and the characters got better and better.

Sure, the pairing is contrived, but is that the only element of a good story? No way. This one has heart in the characters. 🙂

The socialite? She’s very real, down to earth and lovable.
The bodyguard? Well, yeah, he’s hot in that muscular way and yeah he gives up his entire life’s work for her, but it played out nicely and of course, he did save the day.

We do that to people all the time don’t we? Don’t opposites attract? Are the best stories about the two who shouldn’t even attempt to be together, but fall in love? Doesn’t LOVE conquer all?

Isn’t that what *I* write about? Well, yes. Yes. yes it is. 🙂

So was it a good read? It was a quick, simple, lovable character study and that was exactly what I needed and I’m glad to have gotten a chance to finish it.

Just to show that I’m still me … yes there were ALL my pet peeves in writing within this one. Every single one. 🙂 The story was still a good one. 🙂

On to some Tessa Dare next!

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