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On June 22, 2010 by Aimee

When I finished Mystic Therapy, my mind raced for a new story to write. I took the time to edit Mystic, have it read, re-edit, have it read, re-edit and finally out it went to Agents where it ‘sits’ today … with fingers crossed that it gets picked up.

But me, the project manager, the type that loves to have way too much to do, drove down Apex Peakway only to have a story pop in my head … like it always does. That was June 9th. That turned into Hide and Seek.

A week-ish later, driving down the same road (do you see a pattern?) another story idea popped into my head and that turned into Late Bloomers.

One might say … ‘writing two stories … you’re going to get them mixed up’ or ‘one will be the real story’ or ‘are you crazy?’

Well yes, yes, yes I am.

But actually there is a method to my madness. When I wrote each of the three stories, somewhere, at some point during the development, I had to take a day or two ‘off’ because the story wouldn’t come to me. Well, during that time, I’d be itching to write with no way to push the story forward (which is a big part of writing and frustrated me to no end).

So, when both story ideas came up, I found I’d write a chapter in one, that would inspire something in the second. I’d write a chapter or scene in the second and that would inspire a scene or chapter in the other.

The cool part, at least so far, is that in writing both, I’m writing more, faster! Does it mean it’s great drafts, ready to publish? No way, no how. But the stories are each flowing and as I run out of steam on one, I move to the other and vice versa.

In the end, I believe I could have two complete novels at the same time, though they are very different one from the other. Yes, paranormal and yes, steamy, but the characters are so much complete opposites! It’s fun to create their lives … all of them … but still be so very, very different.

Follow my progress via Twitter, I’ll try to update my word count every once in a while. I’ll probably never post a daily goal, but will post progress.

6/22 : Word Count Progress
Hide and Seek : 20,045 (started 6/17)
Late Bloomers : 20,103 (started 6/9)

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