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On February 1, 2010 by Aimee

There is a beauty in starting out ones married life with a rock — and a rock solid image of that rock. 🙂 Don’t you think? Point and shoot cameras can’t get close enough or be held steady enough. But ours can! 😉 At each of our wedding photography consultations, we offer to photograph said rock — but we did it a little differently … with something of his. This isn’t a hand shot … no way … no how. This is a rock-solid rock shot, but the background has to be from the guy that gave it to you.

It’s the first step in merging your lives … ok … one of the many and we do it for FREE at your wedding consultation!

Free Engagement Ring Photography by Aimee

Free Engagement Ring Photography by Aimee

To setup your consultation, just give me a call and be sure to bring “a something” of his — if not the ‘he’ himself!

My ring shots have been used in save the dates, programs, on tables and just for enjoyment, so this isn’t just any old shot … this is extremely unique to you … and him.

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