Press Release | Apex photography studio opens to amateurs with DIY opportunity

On January 31, 2010 by Aimee

Apex, NC – February 2, 2010 – Apex photographer Aimee Laine, has opened her Apex-based studio to photographers, videographers and amateurs alike with a Do It Yourself opportunity.

When the kitchen sink, magnet-covered refrigerator or stairs have had their last use in a personal photograph, there is another option that doesn’t involve hiring a professional.

Apex photographer Aimee Laine, with a studio in the Townside Center in Scott’s Mill in Apex, North Carolina has the solution.

“There is a place to hiring a professional — if there weren’t, I wouldn’t be in business,” says owner and photographic artist, Aimee. “But there is also a time where the photograph one wants just needs a better background and asking a neighbor for their hallway or dining room isn’t going to cut it.”

Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, but when mixed with the clutter of every day life, they lose a few hundred descriptors because clutter kills the effect.

“At home, we move stuff out of the way, we shift our kids left and right, we stand them in hallways just to get far enough away to capture their entire body,” says Aimee adding, “professional photographers understand that — which is part of why we make our studios long and wide.”

Starting February 12th, the 17‘x28’ studio with 11’ ceilings will be open for temporary rental as short as a half-hour (by special event) to multiple days. The room boasts painted murals by artist Erica Aday, checkered and hardwood floors, solid white and solid black backgrounds as well as unique options such as hung tapestries and four funky Laura Kelly backgrounds — all available for use.

“All you need is your own personal camera and some patience,” says Aimee who laughs before she says, “Your own kids are the hardest photographic subjects you’ll ever encounter.”

For more information on the February 12th event or to get more information about individual rental of the studio, please visit or call 919.362.9039

About Aimee Laine, LLC
Aimee Laine, LLC represents the photographic, creative and artistic vision of Photographic Artist and writer Aimee Bickers where life takes shape in photographic imagery as well as pen and ink. Aimee and her Associate Photographers create in the Apex based studio and on-location in North Carolina and beyond. For more information, please visit or call 919.362.9039.

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