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On January 29, 2010 by Aimee

Want to learn? Aimee teaches! Classes vary by level of knowledge and interest.

Dates, details and costs will be released for each class between February 1 – 14, while we set our schedule for the rest of the year!

For Amateurs …
o Shutter Speeds and f-whats? — Learn your dSLR
o You know? That blur thing? — A study of creative aperture
o Raccoon Eyes and Monster Faces — A study of light
o 1st, 2nds and Thirds — A study of composition
o Simple Photoshop
o 5-week “Skip the manual” all-inclusive class <-- The next class starts this summer! o Advanced Photoshop (includes lunch!)
o At-home : Show me the Way! individualized instruction for better photography at home

For Professionals …
o Studio Photography Your Way
o Sales : The inside scoop
o Time Management : Same work/Less time
o Pricing : Navigate the uncharted territory
o Product Catalog development (it’s NOT about pricing!)
o Marketing : Demographics, MSAs and you
o Cooperative Marketing : Spread the word/Share the wealth

For anyone …
o One on One Mentoring

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