Press Release | Artist Erica Aday creates studio murals

On December 15, 2009 by Aimee
8' Mural by Artist Erica Aday adorns Aimee Laine studio wall

8' Mural by Artist Erica Aday adorns Aimee Laine studio wall

Artist Erica Aday adds spice to Aimee Laine studio

Apex NC – December 15, 2009 – Artist Erica Aday, of Art by Erica located in Apex, North Carolina completed two eight foot murals within the studio at Aimee Laine, LLC.

The murals are a conceptualization, from a number of ideas which date back to the opening of the studio in 2008. Colors and imagery are blended into two abstract forms. Each of the two eight-foot murals acts as a background for studio photographers with Aimee Laine, LLC. Erica is also responsible for two additional eight-foot murals painted in January 2009 for the studio.

“As photographers, we work with light, which bends with the colors around us,” says Aimee Bickers, owner of Aimee Laine, LLC. “As portrait artists, we see our customers and how best to surround them with color; or the lack thereof. Erica brings a new dimension to our portrait work. She allows us to get even more creative.”

The two new murals, one with deep hues of royal tones — purples, browns and burgundies — was designed with high school seniors in mind, though it can be used for any purpose. The second, an abstract fairy land of blues, creates a sense of strength and fragility. “We wanted two completely separate ideas to give us the most flexibility,” says Aimee. “Erica was able to take our ideas, merge and morph them, then create beautiful (and huge) paintings for us.”

The murals, painted directly to the studio wall, are a permanent feature of the new Aimee Laine, LLC photographic art studio.

Erica Aday has been painting and creating artwork since childhood. She studied Interior Design, Art History, and figure drawing at East Carolina University. She was inspired to begin painting professionally after creating unique wall murals in her home for her young children. In the years since, Erica has created artwork for families and businesses throughout the NC Triangle area. Erica’s wall murals and art reflect the core belief that her artwork should be a collaborative process. All murals and paintings are done in close consultation with the home or business owner, and her interactive style allows changes as the projects develop. For more information on Erica, please visit or call 919–379–0746.

Aimee Laine, LLC represents the photographic, creative and artistic vision of Photographic Artist and writer Aimee Bickers where life takes shape in photographic imagery as well as pen and ink. Aimee and her Associate Photographers create in the Apex based studio and on-location in North Carolina and beyond. For more information, please visit or call 919.362.9039.

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