Family Gift Away Recipients | Philanthropic Photography

On October 28, 2009 by Aimee

Each year, we find a deserving family and spoil them rotten with pictures. 🙂 This year is no different. Before you dig into the photos, let me tell you what I learned about this family.

First — they are generous with their time.

Second — they are generous with their money.

Third — they are generous of heart and soul.

Their nominator told me all those things and it was obvious how true it was in talking with them during their session.

The kids are as cute as can be and let me tell you … they actually listen! 😉 To all of us with kids that take 10 times to do as they’re told (ahem ahem, you know who you are — and yes I happen to be in that list) — we need to borrow their kids and have them teach OURS a thing or two. 😉

Our session was fun, full of smiles, full of laughter and most of all, full of joy.

To our Family Portrait Gift Away winners, thank you for such an amazing opportunity to give back to you.






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