The season of Giving has begun, and …

On September 1, 2009 by Aimee

the weather couldn’t be more perfect for it.

I walked out of my house this morning to bright sun and a crisp, brisk breeze that actually made the tiny hairs on my arm stand up. Cool, clean, dryer than most mornings in North Carolina.

It was wonderful.

Rather than walk around the back of my van to get in and drive away, I wanted to walk to the middle of the drive way and stand there — to let the breeze swirl around me.

Seventy degree air had memories jump to the surface — football games at North Forsyth High School (way back when), the NC State Fair, colorful leaves of the fall.

It’s a different feel altogether from spring air … which while cool also tends to be moist with humidity. Spring air is refreshing in an air-out-the-house kind of way, where the rush of fall weather is a respite from the heat and pressure of the summer. A cleansing feeling.

I love the emotion the change in the weather brings out. Motivation. Anticipation. Inspiration. It makes me want to be a better person.

Odd how something so subtle and natural can have a dramatic effect on one’s mood.

I call it the Season of Giving. September 1st – December 31st and we are ready to embrace it. Help us help other enjoy this season as much as we will.

Nominate a family for our Family Portrait Gift Away (Sep 1-20)

Donate a portion of your session fee to the Western Wake Crisis Ministries (Sep 1-30)

Free portraits for families of deployed soldiers (Begins Sep 1)

Get free costumed Halloween photos (Oct 17)

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