New face, new voice, new intern …

On August 19, 2009 by Aimee

We partner with Apex High School to fill our Studio Assistant position with a Junior/Senior that is part of the AOIT program (Academy of Information Technology). As part of the program, these students are required to complete a 180 hour internship. Now for us, we need someone for at least a year with all the “stuff” they have to learn.

Kathryn — you remember her, right? She came to us as a Junior and is now a student at NCSU.

Shannon (see below!) is our current Studio Assistant! She’s been with us about a month, learning the ropes and getting acclimated. You’d think in a small business it’d be easy! Not so!

It’s not like getting the mail and taking out the trash. Oh … wait … actually there is that. But she also creates thank you cards, prints CD labels, etc … in OUR style — which means using Photoshop and Mac extensively. Through those two things at a high school senior and that alone could give them their first ulcer. 😉

Shannon has done a great job in getting up to speed!

So as you hear her voice on your voice mail messages or to remind you about your prints, you’ll now know what she looks like! We’ll add her to the main website ASAP!


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