It's a boy! Not that that was a surprise, but the hair was!

On August 3, 2009 by Aimee

Last week I was given the honor of photographing this little baby boy. Ok, so he’s not that little. He was bigger than my son when he was born! Some consider that toddler size. 😉 In his parent’s beautiful, clean, gorgeously decorated home (I could only wish mine were so clean!) we followed my typical model of finding all sorts-a-kind-a places to put him.

You know? Tops of mantels, middle of couches, inside baskets.

Luckily for me, he as super cooperative! Didn’t resist my antics at all (ok, he did like a brief moment as he added his own little “spin” to the event). But other than a stop for a snack and potty break (sans diaper) we were golden!

A HUGE congrats to Mom and Dad. They’re going to have their hands full in … oh … about ten minutes (normally I’d say years, but I think given her job she’ll have babysitters coming out the wazoo. 🙂



Look at that smile!



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