A practice article on my favorite towns

On August 10, 2009 by Aimee

I am trying my hand at some freelance writing and had to submit an article between 120-250 words on my hometown. So here is what I wrote. 🙂

The decision to visit an historic town is often met with doubt. Will it have enough to sustain a prolonged stopover? Is quaint simply a euphemism for old and rundown?

In Apex, North Carolina, a single visit can lead down memory lane or up its own version of Rodeo drive. With a median income that sits just under one hundred thousand dollars, there is no wonder why it was voted the third best place to move by Forbes Magazine. It’s a small town with a distinct appeal to the affluent.

Nestled outside the capital city, this town of thirty thousand keeps history alive within the realm of modernization. The Chamber of Commerce is housed within the original rail station. A farmers market sprouts in the center of downtown each summer weekend.

A state of the art cultural arts center exists within one of the many renovated buildings formerly used for day to day buying and selling of goods such as tobacco and mules. A mix of restaurants and shops line the main street from one stop light to the next, each with their own story.

Thanks to the efforts of residents and businesses alike, visitors to Apex, North Carolina, a town on the National Registry of Historic Places, may just be tempted to stay.

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