Hey AmEx users … got a copy of the Fall 2008 Membership Rewards catalog?

On July 30, 2009 by Aimee

If you do … I want to see it!

Now, you might be asking why in the world I’d want to see an AmEx catalog, but … well … there is a reason, of course!

When you find your copy, please turn to page 6 … The Forged Hard Anodized 5-Piece Skillet Set from Le Creuset … see the photo?

Guess who took it?!?!?!

I should say that I took each individually. Their design group put it all together.


Isn’t it just splendidly structured and organized? Are those pots and pans lit beautifully? 😆

Laugh with me, guys! It’s fun! And today, I photographed a freakin’ expensive wine bottle opener for them. Sweeet!

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