About Mirage

On June 16, 2009 by Admin

What is Mirage about?

Elevator Pitch
A celebrated budding photographer learns the truth behind and copes with optical illusions conjured by her camera.

Full Description
A disillusioned kindergarten teacher lays the foundation for a new career when she creates a stunning image at the birth of her lifelong friend’s first child. Eight months later, she’s garnered national attention when her accidental portrait of the President and First lady is published by the largest newspaper in America. With a thriving boutique studio in Rune, North Carolina, Sarah Hannon believes she’s finally found her niche when a camera malfunction turns into more than just a glitch. Legend, mysticism and love abound for the twenty-nine year old photographer as she searches for the truth behind optical illusions that test the strength of friendship and endanger newly established liaisons and long-term relationships.

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