Festive Freezing Field Farm Fun!

On December 7, 2008 by Aimee

Say that three (or four) times really fast!

A very big congratulations to Sarah and Hi who were married November 29th in Garden City, Kansas! Yes, that’s right, we headed out to Kansas for one of the neatest weddings I have ever photographed!

Why so unique?

First, it was set in a field overlooking the city, at sunset. Secondly, it was windy beyond belief AND probably about 40 degrees and with no sun, I think you can envision the “problem”.

But, with the encouragement of their family and friends (and yes, even me!!) they did NOT move the wedding indoor, rather stuck to their guns and did what they wanted.

And, 150 ish people attended, much to their disbelief! See what friends and family will do? 🙂 It was SO worth it!

So a huge congratulations to Sarah and Hi!

We did “formals” in their house — a converted church! It was SO cool! That’s a stained glass window in her foyer.

Instead of sand … wheat and corn!

A five tier brownie cake! Yum!

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