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On August 1, 2008 by Aimee
August 1, 2008 Year III, Issue VIII
A Message from Aimee
Every month, we have a theme — something special that we focus on as part of our focus on Family for 2008. August is about forgiving.

It’s been a true honor to photograph siblings, especially as part of a family photography session. Invariably, during a session, something will happen that prompts one child or another to take some sort or swipe at another — whether by accident or on purpose, whether they know they’ve done it or not, whether it was a physical action or a verbal one.

No matter how it happens, the end result is always the same … forgiveness, an apology and often (and the most beautiful) a hug. And capturing those sibling moments is what photography is all about.

At your service,

Christmas Portrait Gift-Away
The holiday season is sometimes very tough for families. In some cases, a family portrait is the last thing on the mind, but would be the most cherished, beautiful, thought provoking and meaningful Christmas gift. This Christmas season, be the hero for a local family. Nominate a deserving family for our Christmas Portrait Gift-Away … read more.
Moving Moment
A two-time winner of our Moving Moment Poll! This little boy was also our December 2007 winner — at just a “few days” old!

Now, at 6 months, he’s full of excitement, life & the craziness that comes with being 1/2 a year old!

Along with the chubby cheeks comes a supremely gorgeous smile and inquisitive eyes. 

Go-Green Initiative
Did you know our studio is “going green”? Even in a small studio, it’s possible to take small steps to do just that! We’re working to be more eco-friendly in all areas of our business — our equipment, our marketing, all of it! Here is one way …

Go digital!

We are a completely digital studio! That’s right, no film, no chemicals, constant reuse of our digital media from one session to the next! We estimate that we reuse our camera cards about 1000 times a year! Go digital!

 Featured Family – The Zimmerman Family
z1Ronan & Julia. Julia & Ronan. They may look nothing alike, but these two are in fact … twins. Born at 25 weeks gestation, these two former preemies are now healthy, thriving two year olds, thanks in large part, to the Children’s Hospital at UNC.

z1This Cary, NC family’s life was turned upside down the day these two were born. Whisked away, moments after birth, the two spent months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UNC.

During their stay, these were were photographed countlessly by Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, their nurses, and by Aimee. Their first session with Aimee was while they were still in the NICU, in their isolettes, still constrained heavily by lines, tubes & wires. With the beeps and sounds constantly buzzing in the room the focus of their very first session was to bring beauty and life to an otherwise stressful situation. “Aimee did such a fabulous job capturing the essence of what was going on that we will be using her for a long time,” said Mom.

z1As the twins grew, life began to return to “normal.” Mom and Dad returned to their work-lives, trying to fit in work, childcare and time for themselves. Given the circumstances of the kids’ birth, this family learned quickly about the value of photography.

z1Their first session outside of the hospital was at home in February 2007. “The session at our house in Feb 2007 was amazing.  I was so upset that my daughter was sleeping, but it didn’t faze Aimee one bit.  She just started snapping pictures with what was available and they turned
out perfect,” said Mom.

The family joined Aimee in her first studio for an official family photo as well as the kids’ official “6 month” session, photographed closer to their first birthday. “The studio works well for us,” notes Mom. They were also featured as the very first session in the new Pure Expressions Photography studio and most recently, updated their family portrait when the twins turnd 2! z1

While these fought tooth and nail to survive, they have grown into a bright and playful set of siblings.

Mom, Dad, Ronan & Julia … thank you for being our featured Family!

You can read more about this family, their struggles & successes by purchasing their just-released book.

NICU Rollercoaster – How to set Up and Use an Online Blog to Help Survive
the Ups, Downs, Agonies, and Joys of Your Baby’s Stay.

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