Post = Points Program

On July 18, 2008 by Aimee

Work in an office with a community bulletin board? Know where one is in the Raleigh/Durham area? Want to earn free photos?

Help us get the word out about our promotions with our new Post = Points Program!

Every month and/or “every so often” we promote an idea, a special, or a product and want to get the word out in a more eco-friendly manner.
(Rather than mass mailing thousands of postcards that are folded up and thrown away.)

If you participate, we’ll send you the flyer via mail and email and after you post it in your designated spot, we’ll give you credit toward photos!

How much credit, you ask? It varies by effort … you know the saying? You get out of it what you put into it.

Post Points
Tell us it’s posted : 2 points
Show us it’s posted : 5 points
(think handy dandy cell phone camera!)
Someone tells us they saw it at/in your location when they book : 10 points

Points = Dollars of credit!
(Post = Dollars just didn’t have the same ring.)

How do I sign up?
1) Send the info below to: before July 31st. That’s our first round cut-off date!
Your Name
Your mailing address
The location of the bulletin board or The URL of the online forum
(we will not duplicate locations – one responsible party per location))

2) We (e)mail you a copy of the flyer
(All will be sent at the same time)

3) You post it and let us know it’s been posted within 3 days of our mailing

That’s it! A 30 second job that feeds your photography habit and keeps husbands happier! 😉

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