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On July 1, 2008 by Aimee
July 1, 2008 Year III, Issue VII
A Message from Aimee

Some of us take every day for granted. Others savor every day with wonder and excitement. Our kids, for example, tend to follow the latter, believing every day will bring something new.

With one-half of our year already gone, it’s no wonder we look to the future this July.

The future is often what we make of it. So whether you are given lemons or lemonade, revel in what the future holds for your children, your friends, your family, and of course, yourself.

At your service,

Moving Moment
mmMoms and daughters. The perfect combination, especially when the daughters are little.

This little one and her mom participated in our Mommy-Child special in May and created a moment so moving it touched many a heart and many a soul.

Take a moment to hug your Mom … no matter how young or old you are.

Moms are just so special that they deserve it!

July Specials
Set your sights on the future. Receive a three-image, 4×8 miniature, digitally matted, mounted and sprayed collage with purchase of a  Collection.


It’s National Parks & Recreation Month.
Free Single A La Carte portrait session while participating in a sport!


 Featured Family – The Barnes Family

Nearly two and one-half years ago, a little girl entered the world and forever changed the lives of her dual-income, dog-as-child parents.

Like all new parents, pictures were of the utmost importance. The old digital camera just wasn’t going to cut it. Being the light of this Holly Springs family’s life, Mom & Dad wanted to capture their first child’s moments with good photography and support local small business. After talking with Aimee and learning she and their daughter share a birth day, a match was made!Barnes

At just a week old, Aimee joined Mom and Dad at their home and created their daughter’s very first photographs. Says Mom, “the session at home was nice.” The session was done with available light … just sunlight streaming through a front window; with the majority of the time spent in the family’s dining room.

We all know, though, that time refuses to stand still and Aimee was blessed to be able to capture this little girls’ life at six months (in her home-based studio) and one year in her real studio as well. Support local small business, the Barnes family did!Barnes

Photographing a baby as she grows is an important part of growing up. When starting so young, having the opportunity to work out of your own house is the best; less germs to deal with. It provides flexibility, comfort and a sense of calm. As kids grow up, working inside a studio is easiest, says Mom. Having an opportunity to go outside and use nature as a background would be the next step, indicates Mom.

Fitting in a photography session, especially around work and life, naps, feeding the family dog, having lunch, and another nap or two can Barnesbe tough! Mornings
tend to work best for babies, as they did for this little one. Once set though, the outcome is the best! For this family, a storyboard wall portrait worked to showcase the six month stage and digital images were best to showcase the newborn and one-year stage; the perfect way to store memories and share with out of towners.

Now, two years later, the “baby” is a big girl and is now a big sister. Instead of sitting still, she’s constantly on the move. Instead of being quiet, she sings during family sing-along night while Daddy plays the guitar. Instead of a rattle, it’s crayons. Time flies. Capture every moment.

Mom, Dad and especially Finley, thanks for being our Featured Family!

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