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On April 1, 2008 by Aimee
April 1, 2008 Year III, Issue IV
Suzanne FitzGerald Family Portrait Fundraiser
I am bumping my message this month because I’m just not an important as this amazing, courageous, wife and Mother of two … I know it’s short notice, but it’s worth making the effort. Please click on the image to actually read the invitation.

Family Portrait Fundraiser
A Message from Aimee
MarchBelonging. “Close or intimate relationship,” according to Webster. It’s a feeling and a sense of being a part of something greater than ourselves. We belong within the circles of our families.

This entire year is focused on families. Photography is a way for families to connect, capture and display how they belong together.

Last year, for the first time in over 10 years, my entire family got together, as a group for a session. Grandma, grandpa, me, my husband and kids, my sister and her husband; all of us. Despite being separated by only a hundred miles, and getting together “regularly,” we have not had a family portrait made.

Now, all three families, Great-Grandma in Chicago, and our studio, have a family portrait, hung in a prominent place, reminding us that we are
together; we belong. When not physically, in heart and soul. The miles between us? No longer a factor.

It’s all about family.

Moving Moment
mmWhen was the last time you bought a cake; sat down on the floor with said cake and proceeded to eat it with your ten fingers and ten toes?

Not so long ago? Awesome!

Never? You should try it. It’s ton’s of fun! Just ask this little guy!

Congratulations birthday boy!

Moving Moments Calendar
Proceeds from the calendar supports Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization in which Aimee volunteers her photographic talent and studio resources. To read more about NILMDTS, visit www.nilmdts.org (but have the tissues on hand first!).

April’s Free Print
Create a sense of BELONGING and share it in more than one place.
Receive a 4×8, mounted and sprayed duplicate of your purchased 10×20 storyboard.
April’s Free Session
It’s National Autism Awareness Month. In keeping with our BELONGINGtheme, we are offering a Free A La Carte Family session for any child with special needs.
Mommy & Me

April 15 – May 10th

Beach Portraits

September 26 – October 3
First Communion Portrait Sessions are FREE in 2008firstcommunion
April Featured Family
The Boles Family

boles1A typical American family. Two working parents. A house. Two cars. Two cameras. One kid. Sunday church-goers who, according to Kari believe, “family time together is of the highest importance.”

Twice, this family has prepped themselves for a portrait session. The first was for Nathan’s baby portrait and the second for Nathan’s first birthday with an add-on of an updated family portrait; one that included all three of its members!

boles1Like most families, they too have their own digital cameras (two of them in fact!), but Kari chose professional photography, and specifically chose to work with Aimee. “I prefer [Aimee’s] photography, not just custom. My preferance is for
warm personalized memories to share. Some profesionals like a cool distant feel, which is fine for still life but not family. While there is a time and place for traditional photography, capturing the beauty in a moment is often lost by lack of experience.”

The trio chose to utilize the Pure Expressions Photography studio simply because it was easier to plan a session within it’s walls, than worry about the weather. They aren’t opposed to going outside in the future, but Kari notes that “the new studio has more to offer.”

Boles3The Boles’ share their images with family, create greeting cards and hang prints on their walls at home and at the office. Kari also thoroughly enjoys her collage. A 10×20″ collage of images she says, “had all the pictures we wanted but didn’t have the budget to buy individually.”

The use of the digital images, was key. According to Kari, “My favorite was a collage I did for each grandparent for Christmas. I used my candid shots around our family photos done by Aimee.”

Boles2Another reason for the purchase of digital image files? “I have license to do what I need to with them. It can be difficult to get reprints from photographers,” says Kari.

“For example, when my father passed we wanted to get a larger image of our last family portrait. My husband and brother went to the photographer and presented the idea and stated we had only two days before the service. He told them no. He also made a big deal about that he owned the negative. Of course we recognized that, if not why would we have bothered asking? We had to settle for a 5×7 mom had purchased at the time.”

Kari & family … thank you for being our Featured Family!

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