One 16×20 canvas to the next …

On June 21, 2007 by Aimee

lucky winner? 😉 Well, actually, to the next referring customer!

I have become the recipient of a free 16×20, Gallery Wrap canvas from my lab! Rather than save the money (ha!) or spend it on myself (hmmmmm……) I’m going to give it away! Gallery wraps are GORGEOUS! 🙂 This 16×20 will be 1.5″ thick with the image wrapped all the way around the edges. It does NOT need to be framed. It will be ready to hang on your wall the moment it is placed into your hands!

These photographs don’t even do it justice!

How much is it worth, you ask? Well … if you were to buy this same gallery wrap from me, it would cost you $400!

Want it? If so, here is what you must do …

Step 1 … go tell your friends about Pure Expressions Photography
Step 2 … tell your friends to call Pure Expressions Photography and feel free to add in “because if you wait any longer, your kids will be in college!”
Step 3 … tell your friends to “hurry it up” so that YOU can be the recipient of the Gallery Wrap because …

The recipient of the Gallery Wrap giveaway will be the person that refers the next booked session with Pure Expressions Photography!

It could be you! Don’t let it get away!

**Disclaimer : Gallery Wrap cannot be substituted for any other type of print. Size is 16×20 or smaller. Cannot be substituted for cash. Image printed to Gallery Wrap must come from Pure Expressions Photography session held and completed in 2007 (even one already completed). Only one Gallery Wrap will be given away as part of this referral program giveaway. Program ends the moment the first referred customer’s session is booked. New customers only (if you are already a customer of Pure Expressions Photography, you can only refer, not be referred. Good try 😉 ).

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