Apex breakfast with Santa!

On December 2, 2006 by Aimee

Pure Expressions Photography was a proud sponsor of the 2006 Apex Breakfast with Santa, benefitting the downtown Apex Fire Station and EMS station. If you were a participating family with a photo taken by Pure Expressions Photography, please see below!

There were at least 100 kids that came and joined in the celebration … and of course got to meet Santa! Through a coordinated effort with HeatherO Real Estate, we were able to take photographs, burn them to CD or print a little 4×6 for any family that wished. The $5 fee went back to the fire station and EMS station in its entirety!

While it’s not possible to share participant images (for legal reasons, not because I don’t want to!) here are a few … of my own kid, to give you the idea. We didn’t stick to the traditional “sit and stare” kind of photo. If kids were shy (as mine is) we made it unique. There were no crying kids with this Santa. If they were nervous, we changed course… sat on the floor, went behind, had mom and dad in the photo too. This was a GREAT event, one that I hope we can help with annually!

Participating families…
If you were a participating family and you would be willing to share your photo, please place a comment here with a link to your unedited photo. In addition, bring your photo or CD with you to your 2006 or 2007 session for a $25 coupon!

Thanks again to all the participants! YOU made the start of the holiday season wonderful!!

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