In with the new, but NOT out with the old

On November 7, 2006 by Aimee

Pure Expressions Photography is proud to announce the addition of Simplicity and Revelry… all inclusive digital image file packages.

I absolutely love to create photographic images! It brings me immense joy! It brings me joy to have them printed on canvases, to frame them and to know they are hanging with pride in your homes.

But (you were waiting for that, right? 😉 )… budgets often require compromise and many favorite images have landed in File 13 because of those budgets. Delete is just not a key I like to press.

Simplicty & Revelry are all inclusive packages specific for portaits and weddings/events respectively. When I say all inclusive, I mean with one purchase, you’ll receive ALL final, digital images, on CD, a copyright license, a printed 10″x20″ storyboard for Simplicty customers, 2 hours of photography for Revelry customers and the option to purchase prints, accessories and those gorgeous canvases all discounted 25%.

Make life simple. No debating. No compromising. Get them all. Every digital image.

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