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On November 2, 2006 by Aimee

And heart is part of this particular shoot. This family participated in an event where I donated a gift certificate. The event was in support of Batten Disease, held in North Raleigh at the end of October. As part of the event, they received an on-location photography session … plus some other stuff. It was truly an honor to photograph this family! My absolute favorite part of the entire hour was the new “phrase” the kids use.

Here’s how it works.

Camera comes out
Kids say “Cheese”
Camera takes a photo
Kid immediately say “awe!”

The joy of digital. 😉 It tickled me so much that I used it to get their attention and to get them to giggle and laugh. Worked like a charm!

In his own little world…

My Favorite of their family shots. I just love how they are all bunched up together, comfy in their chair (ok, probably not comfy, but it LOOKS! comfy!). 😆

Mom wanted a kiss. Easy enough … unless there is a photographer watching. Then sneaking a peek is oh so tempting! 🙂

Cheese! Awe! 🙂

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