Four very cute kids

On October 22, 2006 by Aimee

I had the pleasure of photographing four kids recently. Not four individual kids, but four kids together. 🙂 If it’s hard getting four adults to look at me or to interact with me, think about four kids under 7! Thomas the Train and bags of hidden fruit snacks later and success!

During our fun hour, though, we I captured a few absolutely priceless images including these four.

The “little” sister. She was a ham! And those gorgeous blue eyes shined wonderfully when they weren’t scrunched up in a cheesy smile. 😉


Or how about this little fiery-red red head? Is it true red heads have more fun? And does that apply to boys? I think so!


Or perhaps it was big brother and little brother. Can you tell who loves who most?


Finally, big brother and big sister. This one really got me in the gut when I saw it after the fact. Yeah, the kids probably hate that I asked them to hug… but when they are “old and gray” and the look back at this one, there is no way, they’ll not tear up.


Happy Holidays, family!!

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