49 …. 36 …. 10 … hike!

On October 16, 2006 by Aimee

I was given the opportunity to photograph a brother and sister playing football and cheering for a football team this weekend. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, with the sky as blue and blue can be and the sun, blasting through, but without the humidity or heat that we are generally plauged with in the summer months. High noon sun is a challenge to photographers as it often gives the subjects “raccoon eyes”, but we managed to combat that with my handy dandy flash and a little bit of shade.

The best part of the entire session was that the team “right” team won! 😉 That is, the team for which my subject was playing! 🙂 It was a lot of fun to capture these two just being kids — enjoying themselves with their activities!

The winning team…

A winning player…

Go team!

The cheer leader!

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